Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sisters, Sisters...There We're Never Such Devoted Sisters!

This week isn't going to have topic of discussion unfortunatly because it as been a crazy week...however I would just like to point out that I offically have a great life right now!!!

I would like to take this moment to talk about my sister.  For anyone reading and in know that mom will know what the title of this blog stands for and dear sister of mine, Jennifer in case it is slipping your mind it is from White Christmas!!!

This week was crazy hectic, Monday night I had to work on a ridiculous statistics project and then Tuesday night I had to work on a group project for today's Employment Law class, then Wednesday I spent like 6 hours preparing the Midterm study guide for my Family Law class...I've also had to squeeze in French and Physics class.  Then this morning the Best Friend; Alicia and I signed our lease for this summer and through next June!!! It's going to be amazing...uber excited =)

Now about my sister....first off, Jen you may be my only sister, my big sister and may be a bit annoying sometimes, but than again so can I! But you are, and always will be in my eyes the best most loving sister ever, I trust you with my life, I treasure all the moments we do spend with each other since we can't see each other as often now, but that WILL change once I finish college.

Can you believe it that in about a year I will be a college graduate?? It's so creepy because it feels just like yesterday when I was jumping up and down in the house very anxious to meet you for the first have no idea how exicted I was well you do remember and my mom will but I don't believe I ever told you this part.  I was so excited to have a big sister because most all of my friends at the time had big sisters and I saw how close they were and how cool it was to have someone to look up to, I am proud of the person you is because of all the struggles and challenges you've over come.

I admit that I hated when we fight, I hate that sometimes we don't see eye to eye and that's okay, but I am glad that I will always have you.  It truly is the greatest gift from God to have a sister, and this coming from the girl who isn't religious. I love you Sissy!!!  I do think it is a lot easier with us both being adults and both having somewhat of a muture mindset, don't get me wrong I did my part as little sister by being a pest and annoying and outrageously crazy!!! Hey you still ended up loving me, looks like our parents marrying really was the coolest thing to happen in my life, I may have lost my real dad but I ended up gaining something so much more...a pretty cool stepdad and an amazing sister!!!!

There is still so many more years and memories for us to experience together maybe someday we will end up just like my mom and Aunt Linda, raising our kids close together, going on family vacations, the whole matching outfit thing not so much but the idea of being as close as they are.  More importantly I'm so happy that I get to an influence and a big part of Audrey's life, it is still the strangest thing to be calling myself and aunt, and I cannot wait till the day when she starts yelling "Auntie Kayla" from across the room.

If I haven't said this yet or if I haven't said it enough I want you to know that you will make an amazing mom, you already are becoming a great mom and Audrey is truly lucky as well as I am to have you in our lives.

Forever and ever Jen, you and I will be sisters and with time our connection and relationship will only grow stronger and closer!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Aw, this almost made me cry! Although you put, which I "think" was a mistake... "I don't trust you with my life" and I think you meant do... also, you are a dork cause you met me the first time when you were three years old and I was around a lot from that point on, at least until I moved and then I was there once or twice per year for a good amount of time... it was five years later that we officially became sisters, but I've loved you as my little bratty shadow way before they got married. And I would also like to tell you, I am proud of the adult that you are becoming... although, deep down I don't think either one of us will ever really be "adults"! ha ha!
    And I know what the title is Brat, um, White Christmas is also one of my favorite movies and I can sing the whole sister song... I'm just not a freak about watching it like you and Michelle are, lol!!! Love ya!