Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010!!!

So I haven't seen the new Valentine's Day movie yet but I will be very soon...A Romantic Comedy which by the way is an oxymoron...but that is totally fine anyways because the movie should ROCK!!! With a kick ass cast like this one how could it not!!

Though my day went surprisingly awesome....Saturday night after work I went over to Watterson to hang with the Bestie Alicia!!!  We played pool and started to plan our 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship Concert Trip!!! Speaking of we still gotta purchase our 1980's white hip/hop shades and go outfit shopping...we are thinking Hot Topic; maybe some neon colored skinny's, big high top Converse with neon shoelaces, a big 3OH!3 or Cobra Starship T-shirt, and of course the sunglasses!!!

In the planning of this concert Alicia and I have combined the 3OH!3 and Cobra starship symbols to create our own... 3♥3 Fo life!

Then On Sunday morning the day of Valentine's Day her and I went out to Medici's for brunch..she had an amazing spinach lasagna and I had fettichini alfredo with musrooms...I was lucky enought to pick a restaurant that had free Mimosa's during brunch!!! Yummy my first legal Mimosa, sad my momma wasn't there she would've been so proud!

Oh This year has been great turning 21, being in a college town where there only is bars and clubs and I am old enough... I had a great 21st birthday with my family and my friends down here at ISU.

(Left: Me and My Mom at Outback Steakhouse On my 21st Birthday)

Sorry to get off track I am just so excited when I have certain drinks at certain places with certain people for the first time!!! I'm sure this hype will die down...Or not!

On on a more immediate note as I am writing this blog i'm downloading music as always...I think I upload at least ten new songs a day, What can I say "I ♥ Music"

But anyways back to my Valentine's Day...after brunch Alicia and I went into an old fashioned comic book store across the street and broused around for gifts for our men...she bought her boyfriend Batman comics and I bought my special Valentine Star Wars Comics; yes the man i'm into right now is a Star Wars Fanatic! It's totally cute and at least he has something that I know he likes and I can't go wrong if I go from there!

My Sexy Man has to come visit me in order to get them...he's told me he's free in about 3 weeks so maybe then him and I will get to meet up in Chicago to have dinner and hang out....I never realized that I could miss someone so much, it's been so long that there's been a guy that i'm interested in enough to actually want to talk to him everyday.

Work that night wasn't so bad but hey at least I made good money and thats all I care about...I hated working those stupid To-Go shifts because I made no money and felt I put in more effort than serving.

To wrap up this entry as i've promised I will start each Monday off with a Topic of the Week  so this week is the first Topic and I shall choose:


Tomorrow I will have part of my entry talking about the people who mean alot to me, who influenced me, who've come in and out of my life and the ones i've meet that maybe I wish I hadn't or wish I could forget...Stay tunned for the intriguing Diary entries of Carilynna Na'vi!!!

Peace & ♥

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