Monday, February 8, 2010

Day One Of My Diary!

So this is the official first entry to start my online diary.  First in order to understand everything I say for those reading who might not know me as well as they thought or wish to know me even more!!! Let me start by talking about my WONDERFUL family!

My parents split when I was young but surprising I still grew up a normal child...My mother remarried when I was 8 years old; my stepdad Ricky is pretty cool, we've had our fights but now we have a very special bond I guess you could call it that!

When they remarried I got a stepsister- Jennifer who is a bit crazy at times but I love her to death.  A few years after my mother remarried oh by the way my mom's name is Dianne and my real dad's name is Joe.  I probable won't be talking much about my real dad seeing as how I don't know him very well...anywho my mom gave birth to her second and third child; my twin brothers Bradley and Mitchell.

They are the most adorable, energetic and crazybeans in the entire world.  I would die for them and I will defend them through the ends of this Earth. ♥ ♥ ♥

I will post several pictures of my family and closest friends and probable some pictures of old flames, crushes and loves...after all who would I be if I hadn't met them???

My Brothers we're born August 9th 2001...sadly I cannot remember what time or their size but I do have it listed somewhere on a birth announcment my mother made...but case in point they were small, however 9 years later they are towering way above my waist and I know someday when they hit puberty they will be towering over me completely as does everyone in my family...the only person i'm taller than after their growth as stopped is my Grandma B, which is okay cause she is the coolest grandma ever!

My mom's family and my stepdad's side is the family i'm the most closest too since I see them most often, because they live closer.  However my dad's family although they live up in Northern Illinois I still see them as much as I's unfortunatly not been enough but I manage. Everytime I do visit them it seems they change sooooooooo much.  Current News Update with them is: the eldest cousin; Rachael just had a beautiful baby girl Breasya, congrats Auntie/Grandma Barb! Her brother Brent got married several years ago, the first male to get married (Weird to say that) lol, and they welcomed a daughter shortly after that; Kailynn Belle.

There are three of us attending Illinois State this year, Ashley and Ali (sisters) and Me...and another one of my cousins will be graduating high school and going to college, look out everyone Zach is joining the college world!!!  Apparently there is an amazing singer in the family who should be on American Idol; Way to go Jackie!!! ♥  As for everyone else, they seem to be doing pretty good...I'm really glad that my Grandma Miller is fighting through MS for all of us, we know it's difficult but we love you soooo much!

As for my mom's family, well my cousins Matt and John are rising marching band stars, very proud of you and the oldest cousin on this side; Danielle just had a beautiful baby boy with her fiance; Matt Jarrett.  They named him Nicholas Anthony and was born on Jan 11th 2010... My sisters daughter; Audrey was born November 3rd 2009!

I love being and's still weird for me to say that cause i'm not used to it but I cannot wait till she is older when my advise and my presence really matters to her, her mom said that one day I could take her to the American Girl doll store and buy her first doll! Yeah but boo i'm forbidden to buy Barbie Dolls at all... Muah Ahhh! lol

Needless to say that 2009 has been a rough road for me, full of change, moving and learning and of course having so many additions to my family...the two most important friends of mine whom i've know since like junior high/high school; Lexi and Ashley had their first kids! Lexi had baby Kason on November 14th 2009 and Ashley had Kaiden on January 5th 2010....I'm calling them my nephews too because Ashley, Lexi and I are so close we consider each other to be sisters and no one can come between us, not even BOYS!!!

The picture above on the left is Lexi and Kason and the picture above on the right is Kaiden...As of this current moment I do not have a picture with Ashley and him seeing as how I left my camera in Chicago with Ashley...Boo Hooo :{

Even though it has been baby season blooming with preggers and mood swinging family members I am proud to say that in 2009 my family grew massivly and now I have so many more faces and souls to love!

I am also thankful because I have not lost anyone in the past few years except for my beautiful little Chichana Shika baby!!! RIP August 2007...My first dog that I could consider my own who only loved to be around me and counted on me and waited for me everyday when I returned home whether it was from school, work or a date she was there.  I had her since she was a baby and literally could sit in the palms of my hands.  I got her in March of 1999 and she died when she was 8 years old.

(Left; Shika) After my Shiba Inu; Shika died I was devastated, for a year or so I hated Thunderstorms...In fact I think today they still bother me, it's not that i'm scared of the thunder or lightening it's just that during every storm Shika would run into my room or cuddle up next to me and I would have to calm her down, she literally felt like my own little baby...she was the sweetest puppy and no other dog could ever replace her.

In the pet category I've only ever had a little Teddy Bear hamster I named Hammy but his nickname was Lil' Shit because he would cause such a ruckus but I loved him...He live for several months as usual but I moved on pretty quickly after all I went off to College and didn't have time for animals or pets anymore. (Right; Hammy)

Someday I plan on having several dogs because I love pets and puppies so much!

Well unfortunatly School is calling and I have to do some homework before classes today but I shall be back tomorrow...I am going to try to make this a daily journal so that my brain and stress level might be at ease...I hear it helps to write and speaking of writing i'm in the process of writing my own novel and so far its going great...I will keep you posted.

In the words of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh; TTFN, Tata For Now!!!

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