Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Is All Around You...Love Is Ever Changing and Love Never Ends!

Today's blog will be quite short...I am going to do the last entry for this weeks Topic of the Week; People Who Affect Me...

The last thing to mention is the men in my life who have been a huge impact on my love life!

  1. Phil Garee
  2. John Jessie
  3. Nick Bravo
  4. Brian Harbecke
  5. Steve Jakubiak
  6. Ryan Korman
  7. TJ Eskew
I have listed them from #1 being one of the first relationships I had to #7 being the most recent. 

#1 Phil Garee: He was a guy I dated my sophomore year at Neuqua Valley, at the time he was a senior!!! On my Sweet 16th Birthday at school was a madhouse for friends Kristin and Ashley Nicole got be several huge balloons, a T-Shirt that a shit ton of people signed not just my friends, two bucket loads of candy and little gifts and huge teddy bear...Then at lunch Phil had given me a bouquet of purple sunflowers and a card...That afternoon while I hung out near some locker banks with his friends he showed up outside the school in the front looking out the windows.  He was walking on stilts and asked me to Homecoming on a Poster!!! It was the sweetest thing!  I ended up buying a long deep burgandy silk dress, his friends all wore pimp hats and we danced the night away!!!

#2 John Jessie:  I met John my junior year of h.s at Plainfield H.S, it's sad to say I didn't have any friends there until I met him.  I went to my junior prom with him in a dress I made and designed myself!  I was with John for almost 2 years...but our falling out was around February of my Senior year.  I went on vacation to Disney World with my family, the day before we left I had a huge fight with John and then I didn't call him all week and he never called me so when I got back I broke up with him.  I guess love wasn't in the cards for us...but you live and you learn!

(Right: My junior Prom Dress!)

#3 Nick Bravo: I met Nick at Columbia college....he was my first college boyfriend and he was a great guy... We were insepartable and best friends all freshman year.  We won the halloween costume contest when we went as Jack Sparrow and a Pirate Wench, we had amazing parties and hung out singing songs together.  We went to California for Spring break although we weren't dating at the time, turns out we only lasted a few months but managed to stay great friends.  I wish Nick all the best!  The one great memory I have of Nick is when we went to Six Flags (Picture on the left)!!! We started dating around my 19th birthday and he ended up buy me a pair of italian green silk high heels....gorgeous!!! 

#4 Brian Harbecke: I met Brian while working at the Melting Pot...We never really officially dated but we hung out alot, we watched Blackhawks games together, played video games and went out to eat alot. (Right: Brian and I at a bar for Halloween!)

#5 Steve Jakubiak: I met Steve last summer...well technically I first met him around freshman year of high school... his best friend was Jason Kristofeck and I knew Jason alot better, turns out when Steve and his family came to Chili's one day and sat in my section he ended up remembering me and asked me for my number...we hung out only for the months of June and July before I left for ISU...we went to Ribfest together, the Kane County Cougars game on the 4th of July with my family and I and also came with me to my Rascal Flatts concert at Wrigley Field, I had great fun with Steve and I guess he could technically be considered just a summer fling!!!

(Above Left: Steve and I at the Kane County Cougars Game, July 2009.  Right: Steve and I at the Rascal Flatts Concert!!!)
#6 Ryan Korman: I met Ryan my junior year of college at ISU, he was in 2 of my political science classes last semester...I met a whole bunch of new friends because of him.  We only dated for a little while but again we were just better off as friends...he's the only guy I know who was in the army and now down and ready to use his G.I Bill... I can't say that much about Ryan because I don't seem as often anymore because we have no classes together and he lives in Watterson, but everytime I go over there to see my Bestie; Alicia I say hi.

(Above Left: Ryan and I at a College Party!!!)
#7 TJ Eskew: Last of TJ or better more Thomas Sterling Eskew Junior.  Of all the guys that have come in and out of my life TJ has been there the most.  He was my first love, my longest relationship and a guy that has made my cry from the core of my insides out, he has made me feel things that cannot be explained both good and is safe to say that TJ is out of my life once and for all, although he is in my spirit and my heart still I fear he will always be there.  He is just someone that I cannot forget and someone who's love will always be an example for my future relationships.  He knows me most and best and he has shared apart of my life that would not be the same without him...If there is one good thing I can say that came out of my relationship with TJ it is that he helped me forgive God for taking my Father away from me.

(Above Right: TJ and I at my Senior Prom @ Plainfield North H.S. "Hanging By a Moment" 2007!!! Below Left: TJ and I at my brothers 7th Birthday.)

The picture on the left was right when TJ and I first got is obvious to say the best part of our relationship was ONLY the first three months...after that things got harder and more painful and more work yet our love seemed to stronger too.  The party for my brothers 7th Birthday was a carnival theme.  The whole neighborhood was there and we went all out.

That is all I can say about the men who've made me the woman I am today and all I can say for this blog other than it has taken me the whole day to write this one because earlier I was working on a Quantitative Reasoning project, then I had work at Chili's and then I went out to Shooters for beer and karoke with some co-workers and now i'm dead exhausted and going to bed to wake up tomorrow for a fresh day and hoping it goes buy fast so that I can go home this weekend to see my amazing family!!!!

Peace ♥

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