Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sisters, Sisters...There We're Never Such Devoted Sisters!

This week isn't going to have topic of discussion unfortunatly because it as been a crazy week...however I would just like to point out that I offically have a great life right now!!!

I would like to take this moment to talk about my sister.  For anyone reading and in know that mom will know what the title of this blog stands for and dear sister of mine, Jennifer in case it is slipping your mind it is from White Christmas!!!

This week was crazy hectic, Monday night I had to work on a ridiculous statistics project and then Tuesday night I had to work on a group project for today's Employment Law class, then Wednesday I spent like 6 hours preparing the Midterm study guide for my Family Law class...I've also had to squeeze in French and Physics class.  Then this morning the Best Friend; Alicia and I signed our lease for this summer and through next June!!! It's going to be amazing...uber excited =)

Now about my sister....first off, Jen you may be my only sister, my big sister and may be a bit annoying sometimes, but than again so can I! But you are, and always will be in my eyes the best most loving sister ever, I trust you with my life, I treasure all the moments we do spend with each other since we can't see each other as often now, but that WILL change once I finish college.

Can you believe it that in about a year I will be a college graduate?? It's so creepy because it feels just like yesterday when I was jumping up and down in the house very anxious to meet you for the first have no idea how exicted I was well you do remember and my mom will but I don't believe I ever told you this part.  I was so excited to have a big sister because most all of my friends at the time had big sisters and I saw how close they were and how cool it was to have someone to look up to, I am proud of the person you is because of all the struggles and challenges you've over come.

I admit that I hated when we fight, I hate that sometimes we don't see eye to eye and that's okay, but I am glad that I will always have you.  It truly is the greatest gift from God to have a sister, and this coming from the girl who isn't religious. I love you Sissy!!!  I do think it is a lot easier with us both being adults and both having somewhat of a muture mindset, don't get me wrong I did my part as little sister by being a pest and annoying and outrageously crazy!!! Hey you still ended up loving me, looks like our parents marrying really was the coolest thing to happen in my life, I may have lost my real dad but I ended up gaining something so much more...a pretty cool stepdad and an amazing sister!!!!

There is still so many more years and memories for us to experience together maybe someday we will end up just like my mom and Aunt Linda, raising our kids close together, going on family vacations, the whole matching outfit thing not so much but the idea of being as close as they are.  More importantly I'm so happy that I get to an influence and a big part of Audrey's life, it is still the strangest thing to be calling myself and aunt, and I cannot wait till the day when she starts yelling "Auntie Kayla" from across the room.

If I haven't said this yet or if I haven't said it enough I want you to know that you will make an amazing mom, you already are becoming a great mom and Audrey is truly lucky as well as I am to have you in our lives.

Forever and ever Jen, you and I will be sisters and with time our connection and relationship will only grow stronger and closer!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Is All Around You...Love Is Ever Changing and Love Never Ends!

Today's blog will be quite short...I am going to do the last entry for this weeks Topic of the Week; People Who Affect Me...

The last thing to mention is the men in my life who have been a huge impact on my love life!

  1. Phil Garee
  2. John Jessie
  3. Nick Bravo
  4. Brian Harbecke
  5. Steve Jakubiak
  6. Ryan Korman
  7. TJ Eskew
I have listed them from #1 being one of the first relationships I had to #7 being the most recent. 

#1 Phil Garee: He was a guy I dated my sophomore year at Neuqua Valley, at the time he was a senior!!! On my Sweet 16th Birthday at school was a madhouse for friends Kristin and Ashley Nicole got be several huge balloons, a T-Shirt that a shit ton of people signed not just my friends, two bucket loads of candy and little gifts and huge teddy bear...Then at lunch Phil had given me a bouquet of purple sunflowers and a card...That afternoon while I hung out near some locker banks with his friends he showed up outside the school in the front looking out the windows.  He was walking on stilts and asked me to Homecoming on a Poster!!! It was the sweetest thing!  I ended up buying a long deep burgandy silk dress, his friends all wore pimp hats and we danced the night away!!!

#2 John Jessie:  I met John my junior year of h.s at Plainfield H.S, it's sad to say I didn't have any friends there until I met him.  I went to my junior prom with him in a dress I made and designed myself!  I was with John for almost 2 years...but our falling out was around February of my Senior year.  I went on vacation to Disney World with my family, the day before we left I had a huge fight with John and then I didn't call him all week and he never called me so when I got back I broke up with him.  I guess love wasn't in the cards for us...but you live and you learn!

(Right: My junior Prom Dress!)

#3 Nick Bravo: I met Nick at Columbia college....he was my first college boyfriend and he was a great guy... We were insepartable and best friends all freshman year.  We won the halloween costume contest when we went as Jack Sparrow and a Pirate Wench, we had amazing parties and hung out singing songs together.  We went to California for Spring break although we weren't dating at the time, turns out we only lasted a few months but managed to stay great friends.  I wish Nick all the best!  The one great memory I have of Nick is when we went to Six Flags (Picture on the left)!!! We started dating around my 19th birthday and he ended up buy me a pair of italian green silk high heels....gorgeous!!! 

#4 Brian Harbecke: I met Brian while working at the Melting Pot...We never really officially dated but we hung out alot, we watched Blackhawks games together, played video games and went out to eat alot. (Right: Brian and I at a bar for Halloween!)

#5 Steve Jakubiak: I met Steve last summer...well technically I first met him around freshman year of high school... his best friend was Jason Kristofeck and I knew Jason alot better, turns out when Steve and his family came to Chili's one day and sat in my section he ended up remembering me and asked me for my number...we hung out only for the months of June and July before I left for ISU...we went to Ribfest together, the Kane County Cougars game on the 4th of July with my family and I and also came with me to my Rascal Flatts concert at Wrigley Field, I had great fun with Steve and I guess he could technically be considered just a summer fling!!!

(Above Left: Steve and I at the Kane County Cougars Game, July 2009.  Right: Steve and I at the Rascal Flatts Concert!!!)
#6 Ryan Korman: I met Ryan my junior year of college at ISU, he was in 2 of my political science classes last semester...I met a whole bunch of new friends because of him.  We only dated for a little while but again we were just better off as friends...he's the only guy I know who was in the army and now down and ready to use his G.I Bill... I can't say that much about Ryan because I don't seem as often anymore because we have no classes together and he lives in Watterson, but everytime I go over there to see my Bestie; Alicia I say hi.

(Above Left: Ryan and I at a College Party!!!)
#7 TJ Eskew: Last of TJ or better more Thomas Sterling Eskew Junior.  Of all the guys that have come in and out of my life TJ has been there the most.  He was my first love, my longest relationship and a guy that has made my cry from the core of my insides out, he has made me feel things that cannot be explained both good and is safe to say that TJ is out of my life once and for all, although he is in my spirit and my heart still I fear he will always be there.  He is just someone that I cannot forget and someone who's love will always be an example for my future relationships.  He knows me most and best and he has shared apart of my life that would not be the same without him...If there is one good thing I can say that came out of my relationship with TJ it is that he helped me forgive God for taking my Father away from me.

(Above Right: TJ and I at my Senior Prom @ Plainfield North H.S. "Hanging By a Moment" 2007!!! Below Left: TJ and I at my brothers 7th Birthday.)

The picture on the left was right when TJ and I first got is obvious to say the best part of our relationship was ONLY the first three months...after that things got harder and more painful and more work yet our love seemed to stronger too.  The party for my brothers 7th Birthday was a carnival theme.  The whole neighborhood was there and we went all out.

That is all I can say about the men who've made me the woman I am today and all I can say for this blog other than it has taken me the whole day to write this one because earlier I was working on a Quantitative Reasoning project, then I had work at Chili's and then I went out to Shooters for beer and karoke with some co-workers and now i'm dead exhausted and going to bed to wake up tomorrow for a fresh day and hoping it goes buy fast so that I can go home this weekend to see my amazing family!!!!

Peace ♥

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mes Amis et Mi Amigos!!!

The second entry of this weeks topic pick and actually 2 out of 3 posts before I move on to something else...might I add that if anyone has any suggestions about certains things they wish me to talk about just put it down in the comment box or something!

Last night I had severe trouble getting it to work hopefully I don't have that trouble today....I work tonight at 4 and i'm hoping its crazy busy so I can make some good money because last weekend was a bust...Seeing as how I will be going home next weekend to see my momma, my brothers and my family and I need money for a train ticket and to go out!!! I'm thinking Saddle Up one night maybe hit downtown Naperville with my home girl Jaci to celebrate her 22nd birthday!!! Even though it's early...I also gotta go to my friend Sammy's baby shower, she is having a girl.  It's sooooooooo strange to be the only one in my close group of friends since junior high not to have a kid on the way. 

I'm sitting here typing trying to find a good song on my iTunes, I just don't know what songs i'm in the mood to listen to...I am also way starving, I gotta get to the grocery store because i'm running out of rations.  Also I need to get to the post office to mail my momma her Valentine's day package since it got delayed, and last but not least I need to get to the nail salon before I loose another nail!!

I logged on to my facebook just before the blog and noticed that someone sweet thanked me for the Valentine's card I bought 'em!!!  And my Aunt Linda texted me that she got her B-day card!!!  Today is my Grandma B's birthday, I wish I was at home so that my mom and I could drive up to take her to lunch or something...another reason I wish I was closer to home, but not to worry I will finish college pretty soon and be living in the city which as way closer than this butthole, hick town.

I also wish I was home because I'm missing my brothers grow up, they change so much when I'm not around and my baby Niece Audrey!!!!  I think I will take my brothers to Cici's Pizza, I owe them a trip since I couldn't at Christmas time.

Oh to go to Cici's Pizza is like my version of the DeLorean and flying back in time to a place that used to be the biggest hang out for me and my high school friends after football games, homecoming dances and basically every friday and saturday nights!!!!!

Cici's Pizza was where I had met a whole bunch of amazing friends, we were like our own little family...There was fights, hook ups and break ups, and drama in abundance!!!!  Some days I miss it, and some I don't because it's weird to think that it was a place where I changed and grew up...the fad of Cici's started to die when the first set of us who were the veterans went off to college, and when I mean veterans I mean that we we're the first to open the store, and we trained a whole bunch of youngin's!!!!

Enough about one of my previous places of employment I will use another Topic of the Week to discuss further...on to the friends who i've met and probable wouldn't be the person I am today without them!!!

Some of them I don't talk to anymore because our lives went different directions, some of them are brand new and most of them have a weird relationship with me but thats okay with me!!!

  1. Lexi
  2. Ashley Nicole
  3. Alicia
  4. Julian
  5. Mary
  6. Sally & Humera 
  7. Kathlean, Alyssa, Ashley Sando & Jamie
  8. Sammy & Kristin
  9. Leah
  10. Garance
As the previous blog states I will move from #10 and go up until I hit #1, now again the order they are in is not the exact order I met them in and it definatly does not effect  their level of importance to me...but I will say that the top 5 are the people I talk to most recently and am possible the closest with...the top two have been my bestest friends since like junior high and we will always be known as the Three Muskateers (Further explanation to follow)...

#10 Garance: My French Exchange Pen Pal!  I met her in October of 2005 when I was a sophomore at Neuqua Valley High School...I was in my second year of French but not a new speaker!!! I have been speaking French since and this is NO LIE since 4th Grade....My elementary school (White Eagle) offered an after school program a couple days a week to learn French...Currently I'm enrolled in my first college level French class and it's going amazing!!! I miss it soo much, I usually only get to speak it with my cousin Michelle. 

(Above Right: Visal, Zoey, Hailey, Me and Garance.)

Anyways back to Garance, her and her friends came to the States in October and my family and I took her to a pumpkin patch farm and the Brookfield Zoo,  she was a quiet girl but very interesting to me!  Then that spring break in March I went to visit her for 2 weeks.  I saw the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Champs de Lysee and Le Louvre.  I love Paris, I love French food and French Culture, I also got to go see the outside of the restaurant Moulin Rouge which was the original brothel and nightclub many years ago...I hope to someday visit France again!  I did get to be in the middle of a bit of history too when my group took a bus trip up to Normandy beach and I got to see the famous Cemetary from those that fell in World War I.

#9 Leah: Her story is short, I met her in Kindergarten and we were friends up until High School... I guess we just grew apart and ended up getting different friends but every once in a while we chat on facebook!  Her and I had a fort together that we would go to everyday after school...her older sister Kari would babysit us sometimes,  her parents were totally sweet and had an incredible giant Playmobile People world in their basement! They were great collectors...Leah had such a huge backyard and a pool.  She had about half a dozen granny smith Apple Trees that we would climb and munch on the apples...we would run around like crazy!!!

(Above Right: Kristin, Lexy & Me During The Summer Drinking Strawberry Daquiri's.  Below Left: Sam and I on one of my last days at NVHS.)

#8 Sammy & Kristin: I'm putting these girls together because I pretty much met them at the same time...I met them around 6th grade and we were practically inseperable like up until 8th grade...all through out high school while I was still at Neuqua we were friends but my junior year when I transferred to Plainfield Central I fell out with Kristin and today still I talk to Sammy.

#7 Kathlean Dean, Alyssa Reinecke, Ashley Sando and Jamie Carrossa: Again I am putting these girls togther becaue I met them my junior year of high school at Plainfield Central when I got my second job @ Cici's Pizza!! We were the top girls at that restaurant! Everybody looked up to us, everybody respected us and everyone knew us...if you were cool with us then you were cool forever!!! We were so close we did everything together, dances, clubbing, hanging and doing nails with each other...I was the only one who went to a different H.S but that didn't effect our relationship. 

(Above Right: Ashley, Kathlean & Me at their 18th Birthday @ Boobie's House. Below Left: Me, Alyssa & Kathlean @ ZG for New Years Eve!) 

One time Alyssa, Kathlean and I went to Six Flags with our Boyfriends!! Which was a total BLAST...then Ashley, Jamie, Kathlean and I went to El Ranchero for some Salsa Dancing!  We called ourselves the Cheryls...Kathlean was Babooshka and had Cheryl Sigma (a boa constrictor), Ashley was Besos which is kiss in Spanish, Alyssa and just Cheryl, Jamie was Jambear and I was Angel!!! I really wish we didn't have a falling out when I went to college.. :( Jamie and Ashley and Kathlean are still close and I believe Alyssa still works at Chili's...I still facebook them once in a while, maybe one day we will have a reunion!!!

(Below Left: Kathlean, Me and Alyssa @ My Senior Prom '07. Below Right Sally, Humera and Me!!)

#6 Sally & Humera: Yes again I put several friends all together...I met Sally and Humera my freshman year of college at Columbia in Chicago...We went to some amazing club and rave parties in the city!!!  We had a kick ass halloween and New Years eve...My first college spring break was a four day trip to California (Los Angeles) with Sally, Julian and Nick!!! We saw everything; the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame Stars, the Chinese theater, LA Ink Shop, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach, the Playboy Mansion & we went to Universal Studios Florida!!!

Sally and I were so close freshman year when we both lived in The University Center...Julian and Nick would join us for Monday Night WWE Wrestling, and once or twice a week we would all work out... It sucks that I don't live in the city anymore because I miss them so much!!!

(Left: Me and Sally Getting a Charactiture!! Below Right: Mary, Billy and I Halloween '09!)

#5 Mary: The Hostesss with the Mostest at Chili's...She's a co-worker of mine that I go the bars with most after work...But I have to say that I love going out after work with my new Chiliheads!!!  I can't say much about Mary yet since I just met her this year but we did go to an awesome Halloween party and we went to a karoke night at Pub II...Lets just say I can dragged in to do it first and I actually ROCKED at it...I sang "You Drive Me Crazy" ~ Britney Spears and I got the whole crowd singing and dancing.  Then "Party in the USA" ~Miley Cyrus, I kinda flunked that one a bit, but I did end up getting a few guys's numbers!!!

(Below Right: The R*Tard Gang!)

#4 Julian:  I met Julian freshman year of college at Columia with Sally and Nick...He and I are the oldest out of the four of us and and a great time for the first year of my time in the city....I stay close with him the most right now and just this year on January 2nd we got our cartilage pierced up at Belmont!!!  It was amazing to go to California with him...he is such a character, waiting in lines at Universal Studios, going to bars and just walking around Chicago is the best thing... we are such goofballs sometimes!!! 

If you're wonder what the R*Tard Gang's just some silly nicknames we gave each other because the four of us we're inseperable during freshman year...Sally was Shortbus, Julian was Goldstar, I was Ragram and Nick was Special Ed...yeah it's kinda of stupid but we didn't care.  We also had a few other close friends that would hang out with the UC....Humera, Jenny, Tobias, Moe, Amanda, Nick's sister; Mallory and the Triplets...Dino, Gino and Marce!!! We had some crazy ass parties in my room, sadly one time we got busted because we were still partying at 6 am!!!

(Above Left: Julian, Sally, Nick and Me @ Universal Studios; Cheeze!!! Below Right: Alicia and I...3 ♥ 3!)

#3: Alicia: A.K.A Bestie!!! This girl is the most fun, energetic and crazy girl!!! She is offically my newest and most awesomest Best Friend,  She is a sexy latino Chika and teachs and improves my latin dances like salsa and bachatta!!! Her and I hang out all the time, we walk around campus and chill out at Watterson...When I get my car back we will be taking road trips to Cedar Point, Chicago and wherever else we can...We party hard and laugh constantly,  nobody quite understands us and thats okay because we rock!!!
We are pushing each other to start working out more and go tanning...she and I are soon going to get tattoos!!!! When I get my money saved up first, In May her and I are going to the 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship concert!!!! We are gunna have a fucking blast!  It's strange to admit that I wouldn't have met this girl if I had not dated Ryan,  it was my first boyfriend when I got to ISU and of course it didn't last long but thats okay because we are all better as friends.

Alicia and I are the party when we go out, nobody can dance like us and no one can trump us!!!!  Everyday we hang we find things to do, whether it's jammin' to her iPod, skyping people and playing pool in Watterson...We also make great Strawberry Daquiri's!!!!  I love this girl she is so amazing, it's also kinda strange because we are such flirts and hang out with mostly guys...she has a great sense of style just like me and we love taking photo shoots together...which speaking of we gotta do another one girl!!!! 

(Left: Me, Ashley & Lexi New Years Eve 09 @ ZG!!!)

#2 Ashley Nicole: Mamas!!!! This girl right here is my all time Bestest Friend...along with Lexi Sexi Wexwi of Course...the three of us are the Three Muskateers, Enuf Said!!!! This part is about Ashley but I'm almost possitive that Lexi will over lap because I cannot talk about one without the other...I met Ashley my sophomore year of High School at Neuqua Valley!!!  Her and I hung out alot in our neighborhood since she was my first friend to live in my same neighborhood...we would chill by the retention pond or ride our bikes to the Chinese restaurant almost every afternoon after school...we've shared everything together, boyfriends good and bad, loosing pets and having crazy younger time we were in the neighborhood until 2 am just walking around the entire was kinda small but at least we knew it like the back of our hand!!! Tara Belle ♥

Ashley and I have a comic book series that we've titled...The Adventures of Rudy and Psycho!! I cannot reveal anymore about it...lets just say that the two of us do have some amazing and incredible adventures...we've had some great memories and there are still more to come...last New Years Eve...welcoming in 2009 with them was awesome!!! We had our first own hotel  party and went wild and crazy...Sober Drunknes "Cunt Punch!"  I am officially the Shot Maker Master...things aren't as wild and crazy with us now because Ashley just had her first child, Baby Kaiden Maxwell...I'm so happy and so blessed that my circle of friends is growing into another kind of family,  he is adorable and so precious!!!

Ashley was there when I had this really romantic committment ceremony with a boyfriend of mine...although we sadly didn't make it and he moved far away, but she helped me pick out a dress, she made me a necklace and did my hair...then later that night we took like 8 shots of patron!!!! I was able to buy Kaiden his first Winnie the Pooh and Roo Stuffed Animals!!! This girl is the reason why I love Chicago sooooooooooo much!!!

(Above Left: Ashley and I @ Vision...finally both 21!!! Shots Gallore. Above Right: Lexi, Ashley and Me..."Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil." Below Right: Lexi and I at Six Flags.)

#1 Lexi: Sexi Wexwi!!!!!!  This girl is possible the biggest friends I know to cause DRAMA!!!! But life wouldn't be fun without either of them...we did both cause drama all througout high school...I do have to say that we have had the rockiest road and it has been quite a roller coaster...We met in 7th grade and hated each other so much we almost never became friends...then something tragic happened to Lexi that I will not discuss and since then we've never gone to the same school... yet we stayed even closer!!! I started high school without her which sucked sweaty balls giggle giggle :) 

Then when she was able to come back for her senior year I transferred.  She was there when I had my first serious boyfriend and had my first heartbreak, I was there for her when her first two golden retriever's died and let me tell you that was difficult...she was there when my brothers were born and has helped me move and I helped her move about 2 or 3 times throughout high school...we went to all the homecoming dances and turnabouts!!!! We went to Six Flags like a million times.

One time when I went on a family vacation to Salt Lake City, Utah for Christmas I had a panic attack on the phone with them because Lexi and Ashley, Alex and my boyfriend at the time; John were all at the mall hanging they begged the guy at the Build-A-Bear Workshop to reopen so they could make me a teddy bear...the bear is purple and fuzzy my favorite color!!!! I treasure it always... Lexi and I went to Navy Pier one time with another one of our old friends Kristin (From above) and got a characiture for Lexi's Sweet 16th...I had thought that I lost the picture but I ended up finding it this year right before I moved to crazy!!!!

Lexi after high school went to join the army and moved to South Carolina but thankfully she is moving back with her beautiful baby son; Kason...Isn't it weird how my two All Time Best Friends named their sons both with Ka names....its not a coincidence it's fate!!!!! They do love me so much!!! And I love them and would give my life for anyone of them in an instant...They will both be in my wedding and probable be both my Maid's of Honor!!!! Lexi and I made each other special teddy bears... they are just plain brown but hey we don't always need to be dazzling!!!! 

I could probable go on and on and on and on about Lexi and fact most of my memories, my experiences and secrets involve them...we tell each other everything, some day I hope all of us all raise our kids in the same neighborhood and they become friends just like us...I wanna be 80 years old sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch, sipping Ice Tea and knitting with the two of them next to me...maybe with our grand kids running around!!!!

Well that's all for the most important friends I have....Everyday I get closer to the friends i've had since I started kindergarten and everyday I met more...there is no such thing as too many friends and there is no such thing as complete happiness because everyday you get more happy as your circle of friends and your family grows!!!

Much Love to Everyone, you know who ya'll are!!!

Peac & ♥!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

People Who Affect Moi!

Okay I know I'm a little past due...what can I say I had a busy week so far, strange thing is it ain't even over.  Yeah Ricky I used that word, I know you're not reading this and probable won't cause all you do with computers is business and work stuff...even though you have a facebook you don't even use it.  For a dad who says he's all technology intelligent I guess he's just bluffing!!! It's okay Jen and I know you and we still love you!!! World's Coolest Day or at least I think so, I don't speak for my sister, well sometimes I do!!!

It's amazing at how crazy my week was; Monday I had two classes and in my Domestic Relations Law class we had a group exercise....a mock trial of different kind of parents who fight for child custody...oddly enough yet not surprising MY side won!  I was teamed with another girl on the pro side of Same-Sex couple and I got to keep physical custody of my kids!!!! Beat that Steve (my opponent)!!!

(Left: Dad and His Granddaughter; Audrey) Snugglin' on Grampie For a Nice Little Nap!!!

Tuesday: I had three classes, a test in French which I'm sure I rocked in but mostly boring and uneventful.

Wednesday: I had french and then hung out at Watterson with Bestie Alicia for Bahama Mama's and Long Island's!!!! Swaggin' to hip/hop, Mexican musican and of course 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship...getting ready for the concert, speaking of I need to find an online deal for some sweet Tee's!!! 
I also say my cousin Ali working at Subway...I wish we could hang out more but our schedules are crazy busy!!!

Thursday which is today duh! I had four classes, a Physics quiz and an Employment Law Test....French went quick as usual but my Statistics class was surprisingly very easy for me to understand, better than the others!!! I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Tonight I watched the first show of the ABDC (for those of you illiterate that's America's Best Dance Crew) On MTV...I guess you could kinda say I watched it with my sister cause we were both watching it and texting each other our opinions and comments the entire time....if you're reading this blog Jen maybe it could be "our" Thursday night thang?!   That way we talk weekly and we can enjoy the show more when we comment and giggle in between the boring commercials!!! Cannot wait for next weeks show! 

(Pictures Above Left: My Sister Jen and I @ Michelle's Wedding, Right: Ali and Me...A Few years back!)

My plans for the weekend are work Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night....maybe a party, maybe hit the bars with Mary...IDK yet?  Then of course I got a ton of Homework, one test to study for, 2 projects and a shit ton of reading.

Now on to THIS weeks topic of discussion:
What I mean when I refer to those who've affected me is basically the people in my past that I can remember whose stories or involvement in my life is so dominant that it emotional does or will always have an impact on me...To begin with I would have to mention that there are certain men and certain women both in my families or in my circle of friends that touch me...not to be corny!

  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Ricky
  4. Uncle Ken
  5. Aunt Linda
  6. Jennifer
  7. Bradley and Mitchell
  8. Michelle
  9. Danielle
  10. Audrey

So lets begin with my family....I will start from #10 and work my way up...they're not in chronological order of when I met them or when they came into my life it's mostly random...or at least the family list is!

#10 My brand new baby Niece; Audrey Sway Rundell (Born November 3rd 2009) My Big sister Jen and her husband, my only brother-in-law...still weird for me to say that have brought into my family and adorable sweet and cute baby girl.  I see great potential in her and I know that Jen and Joe will be great parents for her!!! Love them with all my ♥

#9 My older cousin Danielle...she may only be 7 months older than me but I feel that sometimes we experience things around the same time...she was the first cousin I knew and my first friend, my mother has stock of some embarressing halloween photos stashed in her basement.  Her mom, my Aunt Paula; is my mom's youngest sister!!! Recently she got engaged in Hawaii.  Her and Matt welcomed a cute baby boy; Nicholas into the family...second grandchild, man do I feel behind! But not to worry my time will come!!!

(Above Right: Matt and Danielle.)

#8 Michelle is technically a step cousin but feels like my sister too!  Her mom (Aunt Jodee) is my stepdad; Ricky's sister.  Her brother Greg goes to ISU with me....I got to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Dave which by the way I practically called that!  I knew when I met Dave like 6 years ago that they we're guna get married, It's a talent I mus say!  Michelle is the influence on my to speak French, she is the reason i'm so fluent and it comes so naturally.

(Above Left: Jennifer [Audrey], Me and Michelle @ Melting Pot for my 21st Birthday!)

#7 Bradley and Mitchell!  My loving, goofy and charasmatic Identical Twin Brothers...Born August 9th 2001!!! My mom's second time giving birth...first was natural and second was C-Section (Yeah I don't know how to spell the regular word for that!) Don't Mock!  Although there is a MAJOR age difference between us (12 years) there isn't a difference in our first I was like a second mom, helping my mom out with everything.  Then as they grew older I was kind of like their buddy, when we were at home or out I would goof around with them and play with them.  Now as I flourish into further adulthood i'm becoming still their fun and goofy sister but am trying to teach them things nobody else can and be a good influence on them.  I am loving watching them grow up. ♥

It's so weird to see them fit in my hand and then now they are growing past my waist and will probable soon be towering over me!!!  I would probable have to say that they have the biggest impact on me so far... At first there was a time when my mom almost lost their lives and then when they were about 2 years old while I was babysitting them I had to call 911 because they had such a high flu that one of them had a seizure then a week later the same thing happened to other one both alone on my watch...It wasn't my fault and my mom was really thankful that I was brave and knew exactly what to do.  Forever and Forever Bradley and Mitchell I will love you, Though loud and crazy sometimes you still are the best little brothers in the entire universe!

#6 Jennifer: My only sister and a rollercoaster ride in my life.  Like always we are up and we are down, we loop-the-loop and sometimes go a little too crazy... but no matter what we are always there for each other and always are great get advice from.  We fight, we help each other do our hair and make-up, we talk about boys and are shoulders to cry on for each other.  Although she is technically my stepsister she could not feel more like blood...We were both in the wedding of our Parents (her dad and my mom)...we both had to wear frilly crazy colored flowered dresses and yet it wasn't a bad party!!! It was at the restaurant Meson Sabika!!! Sometimes I wish we were closer and sometimes I wish I could see her more often but our lives are different and they both have amazing personality.  She lived in California and then I moved to Chicago, but no matter what we are Sista's fo Life!!!

#5 Aunt Linda: My Aunt Linda is my mom's other older sister, yes my mom is stuck in the middle just like I am, coincidence? I think not!  Still my Aunt Linda feels like my second mom...I can talk with her, go out and have fun with her and my mom at a country bar and jam to Brad Paisley!!! She is always there to share all my accomplishments, my shows and performances and sports competitions.  She yes SHE lives just 2 houses down from my momma's house in Plainfield!  She is someone who cries at each birthday, makes Christmas worth every minute with her being there and of course her cookies and pies.

I feel so lucky and so blessed to have an amazing aunt like her and someday I hope to be a good as aunt as her for Audrey.  I know that I can always talk to her about anything even if sometimes my mom and I are arguing or on bad terms for a bit, which thank god never happens anymore...I definatly was a rebel teen with my mom but she knows I love and appreciate her, and I love my Aunt Linda just as much....I cannot wait to go home and see them in 2 weeks!!!  I hope that maybe there will be more baking or scrape booking or maybe more of their crochet'd projects to show off!!!

(Above Right: My Uncle Ken, me and My Aunt Linda on my 21st!)

#4 My Uncle Ken:  Aunt Linda's Husband and someone who is like my Dad as well... He is the uncle that I am most close with, someday when I get married I plan on asking him to give me away at my wedding seeing as how my real Dad; Joseph Scott (Bless his Soul) won't be able to...Though then again I kinda want to ask my stepdad, Ricky.  Truth be told I am torn, but I don't need to worry much about that quite yet.  My Uncle Ken is the coolest guy ever, him and I can have some pretty deep conversations and always is there for me too! 

He supports most everything I do and of course watches out for me when some guy is breaking my heart or isn't the best one for me.  For future boyfriends out there the opinion that matters the most and is vital when it comes to being with me is my Uncle Ken's, if he doesn't like you, approve of you and can't have a serious conversation with you or better yet can't watch a football game with your or maybe play a round of golf with you...there is NO hope for a relationship with me.  I care most about what he thinks of me when it comes to my social life, my school and etc. alongside my mother's concern!

(Right: My Dad and I @ My Plainfield Central H.S. Graduation Party '07!)

#3 Ricky: I am the only person allowed to refer to my stepdad as Ricky.  I am the only single solitary person to call him that out loud, though when I introduce him to people I say, "This is my dad Rick!"  I have to say that honestly it took me a loooooooooonnnnnnnng time to call him dad, let alone refer to him as my dad and introduce him as that.  But I do finally and I think he's proud of that! He has been the dominant male father figure in my life besides's my uncles Ken and Tony.  He's been in my life since I was 3, he married my mom when I was 8 and has taught me so many things.  He was there when I started and graduated from High School, he was there on the nights of my prom to see me all fancied and dolled up, he was there when I got my driver's license and yes was there when I got into my first accident.  My dad was there when I started college and moved away from home (twice), he helped me move!  He was there when I had my first drink.  Every Christmas and Thanksgiving he cuts the turkey/ham and I cannot wait to call him the grandfather to my children!

#2 My Dad; Joseph Scott Keller.  My real Dad Joe unfortunatly is not with me anymore...This is the part of my diary where I confess the biggest most emotional secret I carry with me, yes no matter how much time passes, no matter how many good or bad stories I hear about him and no matter how many times I stare at his picture which as been next to my bed since his death, I will always begin to cry.  I cry whenever I'm with my dad's family, I cry whenever my mom shows me pictures, or things from when I was baby.  Just this past Christmas my mom uncovered a whole box full of Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's and Baby shower cards all from the two of them.  So here's the short version of the only tragic part of my life;  My parents divorced when I was 2 years old, and when I was 8 years old just ten days after my mom's wedding to Rick we recieved a phone call from the hospital...My dad had died in a horrific car accident where the truck he was driving rolled off the road and killed him almost instantly.  The funeral was very emotional and sad for me, I almost couldn't even go up to his casket to say goodbye, some days I feel I havn't said goodbye and that I won't because I feel that he is with me in my heart everyday. 

(Left: My Grandma Miller and only a few of my cousin's on my dad's side. Above Right: The last picture I ever took with my dad, I believe it was taken in 1995.)

It's been years since I've been to his grave which I beat myself up about alot.  Everytime I visit his side of my family which isn't that often, everyone seems so much older and different.  There have been marriages, divorces, children being born, my cousin Brent getting shipped to Afganistan in the Army and High School Graduation Ceremonies and thousands of birthdays in the past 13 years without me.  I've tried to go to as many Christmases and Thanksgiving and family parties as much as I can...When I'm out of college I will definatly be visiting more. 

The strangest thing that happens when I visit is that everyone always thinks I look so much like him.  I kind of see it but mostly I see my mom!  Most recently my cousin Ali thinks I act and my personality is much more like my Aunt Pam, who is my dad's youngest sister and the youngest sibiling in my dad's family.  I always keep them in my hearts and thoughts especially my dad's mom; Gen Miller, for years she has been struggling with MS and I hope that I am there with her until the end, if I were to miss saying goodbye to here I would be devastated.

Finally #1 Yes it's my Mom; Dianne Sandra Carobus!  I probable should have an entire separate blog to talk about how much my mom as an impact on my life besides the obvious.  Seeing as how i've been writing this blog for official 2 hours i'm just guna wrap it up with a few brief things about my mom.  I am 100% just like her mini-me, I sound like her on the phone, we both love Country music, we both love to cook and scrapbook.  We love taking photos of everything, we have done just about everything together except go to Vegas or Paris...which will soon come.  I miss her so much everyday it hurts, I love her for guidance, support and advice.  I tell her everthing. 

I am so blessed to have such an amazing bond and relationship with my mom, being her first child, her only daughter I feel that at sometimes I am spoiled, and that's okay with me!!  I owe her everthing and I honestly don't know how do thank her or show her exactly how much I appreciate her...I do everything I do to make her proud, she as been there at every critical moment in my life, she held my hand when I first walked, she takes of me when I'm sick.  She teaches me how to be a better woman.  She supports my dreams and helps me accomplish my goals when it comes to school...She knows that I am independent, driven and ambitious. 

She was there when my dad died and would comfort me at night when I would wake up in tears.  She collects ornaments about me to decorate her Christmas tree with.  She always has the coolest homemade Birthday cards and has made my birthday cake for 21 years!  She made many of halloween costumes and helped me make my first prom is because of her that I am such a great sewer (well her and my Aunt Linda).  We have the same excellent taste in Broadways and Musicals and took me to New York to see a Fashion School and RENT!!!!  She let me go to Paris my sophomore year of High School...She has understood my driving issue and has helped me learn to be better.

Mom since you are now a follower on my blog, please try not to cry when you read know it's all true...I am so absolutly thankful and appreciatve of you and who you are! Even though you are my one and only mine (YES MINE) I still believe that you are the greatest mom and girl could ever ask for.  You bought me Barbie Dolls, American Girl dolls and the cutest dresses!  You bought me my first car and went to every single dance, cheerleading and gymnastic show.  You've taken me on the most amazing family vacations ever and let me have my first dog that I could take care of (Shika R.I.P ♥)!!!!

(Right: My mom and I in Literally Last February in Aruba!)
Mom I love you and no matter how old I get, no matter how far away I live or am I will always be thinking of you and I will always be your little girl!  I cannot wait till the day comes when you get to help me plan my wedding, help me buy my first house and my own car and more importantly the day when I get to make you a grandmother (blood grandmother)!!!

Well ya'll thanks for tuning in!  Tomorrow I think I will write a shorter blog don't worry, about the friends who are most important to me!

Peace & ♥

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010!!!

So I haven't seen the new Valentine's Day movie yet but I will be very soon...A Romantic Comedy which by the way is an oxymoron...but that is totally fine anyways because the movie should ROCK!!! With a kick ass cast like this one how could it not!!

Though my day went surprisingly awesome....Saturday night after work I went over to Watterson to hang with the Bestie Alicia!!!  We played pool and started to plan our 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship Concert Trip!!! Speaking of we still gotta purchase our 1980's white hip/hop shades and go outfit shopping...we are thinking Hot Topic; maybe some neon colored skinny's, big high top Converse with neon shoelaces, a big 3OH!3 or Cobra Starship T-shirt, and of course the sunglasses!!!

In the planning of this concert Alicia and I have combined the 3OH!3 and Cobra starship symbols to create our own... 3♥3 Fo life!

Then On Sunday morning the day of Valentine's Day her and I went out to Medici's for brunch..she had an amazing spinach lasagna and I had fettichini alfredo with musrooms...I was lucky enought to pick a restaurant that had free Mimosa's during brunch!!! Yummy my first legal Mimosa, sad my momma wasn't there she would've been so proud!

Oh This year has been great turning 21, being in a college town where there only is bars and clubs and I am old enough... I had a great 21st birthday with my family and my friends down here at ISU.

(Left: Me and My Mom at Outback Steakhouse On my 21st Birthday)

Sorry to get off track I am just so excited when I have certain drinks at certain places with certain people for the first time!!! I'm sure this hype will die down...Or not!

On on a more immediate note as I am writing this blog i'm downloading music as always...I think I upload at least ten new songs a day, What can I say "I ♥ Music"

But anyways back to my Valentine's Day...after brunch Alicia and I went into an old fashioned comic book store across the street and broused around for gifts for our men...she bought her boyfriend Batman comics and I bought my special Valentine Star Wars Comics; yes the man i'm into right now is a Star Wars Fanatic! It's totally cute and at least he has something that I know he likes and I can't go wrong if I go from there!

My Sexy Man has to come visit me in order to get them...he's told me he's free in about 3 weeks so maybe then him and I will get to meet up in Chicago to have dinner and hang out....I never realized that I could miss someone so much, it's been so long that there's been a guy that i'm interested in enough to actually want to talk to him everyday.

Work that night wasn't so bad but hey at least I made good money and thats all I care about...I hated working those stupid To-Go shifts because I made no money and felt I put in more effort than serving.

To wrap up this entry as i've promised I will start each Monday off with a Topic of the Week  so this week is the first Topic and I shall choose:


Tomorrow I will have part of my entry talking about the people who mean alot to me, who influenced me, who've come in and out of my life and the ones i've meet that maybe I wish I hadn't or wish I could forget...Stay tunned for the intriguing Diary entries of Carilynna Na'vi!!!

Peace & ♥

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organized...To Be or Not To Be?

As some of you well know I am a very organized person...I don't have OCD or ADD or any sort of mental disease that makes me this way it's just who I am.  I find it helps to be so that way i'm not as stressed.  I have a crazy hectic busy life everyday.  My mind is constantly thinking about things one hour, one day or even one week or month in advanced.  I like it that way!

I live by calanders and date books and notes on post-its all around my room of daily and weekly reminders.  My phone is my lifeline, if I didn't have a calender on their or a notepad I would drive myself crazy.  Currently since there are so many avenue's of reminders and notes everyway i've decided to put them in print.

My To-Do List:
  • Pick up Girl Scout Cookies from Kim @ Chili's
  • Go to hair salon to get my hair dyed dark reddish-purple (It looks better that way)
  • Maybe try out hair extensions because I am soooooo sick of my short hair
  • Get my nails fixed
  • Get a much needed message
  • Go get a facial with Bestie Alicia
  • Hit up the mall for some skinny jeans and regular jeans, mine currently are getting worn out
  • Go shopping for Sam's baby shower gift and Mom's birthday gift
  • Save up $$ for 3OH!3 Concert and possible a road trip to Cedar Point with Alicia
  • Have Ashley ship my camera to me
  • Post up my Subleaser signs and get one asap
  • Sign the lease for my new apartment in June
Here is just a few things that I really wanna go do in the near future:
  • Take up Rob's consideration for a road trip to Manhattan!!
  • Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras someday
  • Visit Las Vegas with my girls next year so we can officially celebrate our 21st Birthdays the right way!!
  • Go with my cousins Ashley and Ali to visit Grandpa Keller in Missouri while we can
In the mean time while life is kind of settled and dull I will just have to concentrate on my classes this semester!!

My class schedule is a whole lot better than last semesters; this time I am enrolled in several more law classes than politics;

Politics 138: Quantative Reasoning
Politics 322: Domestic Law
Politics 372: Employment Law
Language 116: French
Physics 102: Astronomy

I am hoping for all A's and B's and so far I think I am accomplishing that, I really need to step up my game.  I will definatly be going to see tudors especially for my 138 class because it is like a statistics class and I believe I have already taken a class like this last year I don't want it to comprise my GPA.  Well it's time I sign off because I have to shower to get ready for work tonight, and then I have to go check my mail and deliver some myself...

Peace and ♥ Carilynna

Friday, February 12, 2010

Seriously 2 Days Before Valentine's Day???

Well here I am, off of work before 9 pm and I am bored out of my mother fucking mind!!!  I went to Jewel after and picked up a few necessary cards and gifts for a select few loved ones for Valentine's Day, I cannot wait to go see the movie Valentine's Day tomorrow; yes all by myself but what can I do my only 'technical' Valentine is living in another state far away and has to work this weekend...such a bummer :(

I'm a trooper though...I know that love is around me and love will find me soon! So i'm keeping my chin up and smiling and someday I won't even remember that Valentine's Day is just around the corner because my true love will remind me himself with either of following well excepted gifts specific to this lovey dovey holiday:

     1.) flowers (Red Roses of Course!)
     2.) a beautiful card with a hand written sentiment
     3.) maybe some chocolates (only the good kind: Fannie May or Ghiradelli)
     4.) a hug fluffy stuffed animal wouldn't hurt
     5.) or better yet pink, ruby or diamond jewelry (Any kind doesn't matter!). 

I'm of course over exaggerating becausing typically and go dancing or to a movie after...I'm not picking I just cannot wait to find someone again who wants to show how special and wonderful I am not just on Valentine's Day but everyday!!!!

So for you future lovers and boyfriends of mine out there here is just a few notes of appreciate I would not frown upon..however if you were more of a fanatic of the more outrageous and really romantic gifts anything from the following would be accepted in my eyes:

   1.) naming a star after me
   2.) recording a song for me whether it's your own or not
   3.) baking me any sort of sweet and chocolaty treat
   4) making me a nice candlelight dinner
   5.) dancing tango, or samba or waltz with me anywhere

Enough about Valentine's Day because i'm beginning to get a little depressed here.  On a more happier note this weekend isn't just Valentine's Day but it is also my most favorite aunts' birthday!!!


I wish I could drive home yeah I said it DRIVE home because I realy cannot stand this stupid suspended license bit any longer, I want my car and I am sick and tired of being stranded and feeling like I'm 100% out of control of more than half my life.  I want to be home this weekend to see my mom (Dianne) and my sister (Jennifer), my brothers (Bradley & Mitchell), my niece (Audrey) and whole bunch more of my family and friends from back home.

Until then I will have to stick it out...turns out I cannot go home until February 26th because it's my friend Sam's Baby Shower!!! Another one bites the dust!

This week hasn't been so bad, classes went quick and they were pretty good.  I got a test grade and a quiz grade back and I didn't really good!!!

Monday nights Make It or Break It and Greek was amazing of course!!! I watched America's Best Dance Crew Western Regionals and cannot wait for the national official competition to start next Thursday!!!  Until then I am going to go cuddle on my couch and watch a little TV before I work a double shift tomorrow!!!

Peace Out, Spread the LOVE!!!!  J'adore tout le monde ♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enuf Said!

My ♥ Skips A Beat For You!

Since I will not be starting the Topic of the Week until next monday i'm just going to write about random stuff until then....

My life is going great so far, I am in the exact place I wanna be in and I am doing exactly what I need to do for myself.  Its been so long since i've thought about my self first and foremost before others.  It seems that for the past five years everyone else's drama, trauma's, dilemna's and issues mattered more than mine.  I gave my devotion, attention, advice and energy into ex boyfriends, friends or ex-friends and classmates.  What's worse is that it has also involved family too! Don't get me wrong I love and respect my family and those close people and friends to me but sometimes you have to ask yourself "What about me?".

I believe it's time I ask myself what I Need, I Want, and I Deserve.  For those of you who know me, then you know that this doesn't make me sound selfish.  You all know that that is not the type of person I am.  And it's true! I'm not a selfish or conceded person.  To be fair I kinda have the right to be right now because I am taking a break from what seems to be the job within my personality that I am best at.

I am and will always be here for my friends and family who wana ask my advice or for my opinion or especically to those who just want to share their lives with me and their news with me.  But maybe once in a while during a certain conversation whether through MySpace message, Facebook Chatting, E-Mail, Text or Phone Call they would like to seriously and lovingly ask me if there is something on my mind or how i'm feeling.

Currently there is only a small group of people who do this without me ask or insuating.  Especially my Mom! Yes I said it.  My mom always cares and is always concerned for me and is always excited to hear how i'm doing and it's not just because I am away at school or or because i'm living on my own but because well I am her pride and joy!

So for anyone who is thinking of me for a moment let me just say something...since this online diary is for the purposes to express my feelings, thoughts or opinions even if no one else reads this except me then at least it serves it's purpose for me.

I have this strong feeling and a strong attraction towards a particular person, to keep him private until I recieve his permission or until I believe it is karmically safe to reveal him and I will refer to him as Jakesully!

This Jakesully is currently someone I miss terrible.  Everything about him makes me happy and makes me smile.  I think about him and the past adventures i've shared with him.  Everytime I get a message from him I always laugh because he always puts jokes along with everything he says!!!!

Jakesully sometimes makes me speechless or gives me writers block so much to the point that I over anaylze everything I write so I don't sound stupid or ridiculous.

For a while know i've been urging to talk to him about certain subjects of emotions, but I never know how to start the conversation or what exactly is the right thing to say, more importantly i'm not 100% sure about how he feels about me and it is making me antsy with suspense.  Somedays I feel I don't need to hear them from him I just somehow magically know what he feels for me...doesn't that sound crazy???
Maybe it does or maybe it doesn't! Either way I will find the best way to say it to him and maybe I will be able to be closer with him.

So many people who know of him and know the few stories about him already like him and think he might be the kind of guy I need.  They also think that its amazing that i'm finally starting to have all of my heart back enough to try to give it to another person.

I've been so hurt recently in the past that I am so afraid to really get close to someone and end up getting betrayed.  I've never understood why such great, sweet girls get their heartsbroken.  The only good news about my heart being broken is that there is someone who I feel now is starting to mend it.

I smile, I laugh, he is reminding why there are Men and Women in this world.  He is also reminding that love really does exist.  That there is such a thing as passion not sexually but emotionally and psychologically.  I believe that for two people to make things work forever or for at least as long as they live there must but a thousand and one things that connect them.  It's all a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connection.  It's the differences and similarities they share, it's the things they experience, believe or learn together.

Love was a word that made me only think of one particular person, but now as I sit in my quiet apartment with Sex and the City on the TV in the background playing an earlier phone message in my head from my dear Jakesully, I am reminded of how much I am able to feel, and I am remarkable impressed because I didn't know when this day would finally come!  I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to finally be able to feel such incredible wonderful, "butterfly in the stomach", make my heart melt at even the smallest gestures feeling towards another person.  I am not saying that I am in love with Jakesully or that I want to be with him forever...but there is this aching feeling in my gut that if I don't try to see if there can be more between us I will spend my whole life wondering if what I am feeling is just excitment for someone new or the feeling that I might actually bond with someone on a level that will become inexplainably breathtaking to me and him but of course to no one else.

The question I know ask myself is....When will that moment come with neither one of us can Wonder any longer? 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Brilliant ME!

I've just decided to assign a topic of discussion to incorporate my life experiences, thoughts, feelings and comments from starting right now and on each week on Monday we'll say is the beginning of my journal entry week I will post the new subject of my discussion and each day of that week I will jot down something that has either happened in my past, or might happen with my limited psychic ability or what is happening in my life at that current moment.

Such as things like going on at work, ISU life, home life in Naperville and perhaps throughout the world.  For example like today there was the first noted Earthquake in Illinois I can recall way up north in Dekalb area which is where some of my family bizarre?

Oh and also like yesterday when Bloomington-Normal got a freak blizzard for about 24 hours but of course let us college students down by there being NO SNOW DAY!!!!

If any followers have certain topics or questions about my life or want to know my opinion about just holla!

I might do a month long topic or blog genre (couldn't find better word for it).  Maybe I can do like the Julia Child's movie with Amy Adams and cook things I've never done and blog about it??? Okay maybe not as serious but fun things!!!

I'm beginning to LLOOVVEE this whole blogging thing, who knew I had so much to say :)

3OH!3 && Cobra Starship: Concert With Best Friend!!!

So last night as I was chillin'g with my girl Alicia, dancing to music (of course) and chatting with her friend Carlos and eating Domino's at midnight we all decided to go to the Bamboozle Festival in Chicago in May to See 3OH!3 & Cobra Starship!!!!  The tickets were dirt cheap, $35 for each of us and it's guna be a whole day event.  Talk about a great way to start off the summer!

Hopefully I won't be so bored working at Chili's the entire time.  Though I might have to take some courses at ISU over the summer but thats cool!!! I'm highering my educational abilities and adapting to more brain power for the good of my professional life! Wow that's almost an ingenious statement...well tried to make it sound like one! Giggle giggle :)

(Left: from left to right: Alicia, Andy, Jack, ? and Me)

So there also might be an pportunity for me to work an internship position this summer for a legal firm here in Normal, things are starting to look up for me career wise...It's about time!

I'm currently downloading all of the songs from 3OH!3 & Cobra Starship so that Alicia and I will be ready to jam out hopefully right in sweating and touching range; first row ground level!!!!

Wow it seems i've got a lot going on this year so far!!! Well lets see what else my schedule is going to look like for the next 6 months...

19 Ryan's Party
27 Sam's Baby Shower (Girlie)

17 St. Patricks Day (Kiss Me I'm Irish)
20 ISU Gymnastics Meet (Family Comes and Visits Me)
25 Mom's Birthday (Go home for Weekend)

Go to Navy Pier with Ashley and Lexy; Characiture and Build-A-Bear Like Old Times???
6 Get My Baby Cheryl (Car) Back

Go on Road Trip with Alicia to Cedar Point Sometime
14-16 3OH!3 & Cobra Starship Concert
28 Jen's Birthday, Sex and the City 2 Movie Is Released!!!

Move into new apartment with Niki, Pap and DeWyze!!!!

I am going to be very busy but of course there will be classes and school work, Chili's, parties and going to bars.

Better Every Day!! Right Maman???

Seeing as how there are sooooooo many movies coming out I need to make a list of the top ten that I either have to buy or still wana see so I won't forget and I won't miss any of em':

1. Nine
2. Fame
3. When In Rome
4. Valentine's Day
5. Time Traveler's Wife
6. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
7. Avatar
8. Dear John
9. Letter to Juliette
10. Sexy and the City 2: Carrie On

Ooh they all look such amazing movies and I cannot wait to see them!!! I seriously wish that the man who is my valentine this year was available to hang out with me instead of working like me.  We would have fun going to dinner and watching all of the corny love couples get all serious and extreme about this made up Hallmark holiday to celebrate something that should be celebrated everyday...when I find the man I am going to love for the rest of my life and marry him, Everyday will be Valentine's Day!!! ♥ ♥

I heard that the cutest Valentine's Day gift someone could give was buying and naming a real star in the Galaxy for them...wouldn't that be just the sweetest? Hopefully someday I will have my own Star (Wink Wink...towards my special Valentine man)

Well Its time for me to end this entry and go write my second french paper and do some more homework.

Much love and peace!