Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Hey ya'll so I know it has been a long ass time since I last wrote...I last wrote around Spring Break in March, so let me catch ya'll up.

Since i've been so busy I havn't had time to write but I have a spare moment now, let's see where to begin.

Chili's is going great, working alot and making good money.

I finished up my Spring Semester @ ISU not so good and almost got kicked out but it's all good now, I am changing my major though to Criminal Justice...I have one summer class which is going good!

I have an Internship working with the Drug Unit of the McLean County State's Attorney's Office!!!!!!!  I definatly have the lawyer-ness in my blood.

I am now thinking either Family law or Criminal!!!!

I went to Bamboozle with Shay Ray to see 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship, It was awesome and rocked hard core.   Now I am creating a scrapbook with all the pictures from that day!!!!!!

Now for the biggest piece of news....May 16th 2010, My whole life changed for the better!!!!!

His name is Kurt Stewart, my boyfriend.  He is a great guy, sweet, funny and works hard and supports himself.  How amazing is that??  I finally feel like a found the one, no one has every called or texted me this much, we talk about everything and get along sweetly.  There is so much about him that I like and I really do have this feeling that he is the guy that I can actually see myself being with forever.  This is the honest to god truth.  The relationship we have is blossoming into a reality of love and friendship and commitment.  It is also weird that we both trust each other completely hands down no problem with that even though we live over 830 Miles away.

All I do is dream of him, All I do is think of friends can tell that I have this glow about me now because of him...My girl Shay Ray Spent the entire day with me at Bamboozle and thought that we were the cutest couple and she enjoyed reading the texts he sent about how he misses me and wants to hold me and how he wants to hear my laugh and see my smile!!!!

Other than the new man in my life, everything else is goin Fantabulous!!!!!

Until the next time I write,
Peace n Love !!!! ♥