Friday, February 12, 2010

Seriously 2 Days Before Valentine's Day???

Well here I am, off of work before 9 pm and I am bored out of my mother fucking mind!!!  I went to Jewel after and picked up a few necessary cards and gifts for a select few loved ones for Valentine's Day, I cannot wait to go see the movie Valentine's Day tomorrow; yes all by myself but what can I do my only 'technical' Valentine is living in another state far away and has to work this weekend...such a bummer :(

I'm a trooper though...I know that love is around me and love will find me soon! So i'm keeping my chin up and smiling and someday I won't even remember that Valentine's Day is just around the corner because my true love will remind me himself with either of following well excepted gifts specific to this lovey dovey holiday:

     1.) flowers (Red Roses of Course!)
     2.) a beautiful card with a hand written sentiment
     3.) maybe some chocolates (only the good kind: Fannie May or Ghiradelli)
     4.) a hug fluffy stuffed animal wouldn't hurt
     5.) or better yet pink, ruby or diamond jewelry (Any kind doesn't matter!). 

I'm of course over exaggerating becausing typically and go dancing or to a movie after...I'm not picking I just cannot wait to find someone again who wants to show how special and wonderful I am not just on Valentine's Day but everyday!!!!

So for you future lovers and boyfriends of mine out there here is just a few notes of appreciate I would not frown upon..however if you were more of a fanatic of the more outrageous and really romantic gifts anything from the following would be accepted in my eyes:

   1.) naming a star after me
   2.) recording a song for me whether it's your own or not
   3.) baking me any sort of sweet and chocolaty treat
   4) making me a nice candlelight dinner
   5.) dancing tango, or samba or waltz with me anywhere

Enough about Valentine's Day because i'm beginning to get a little depressed here.  On a more happier note this weekend isn't just Valentine's Day but it is also my most favorite aunts' birthday!!!


I wish I could drive home yeah I said it DRIVE home because I realy cannot stand this stupid suspended license bit any longer, I want my car and I am sick and tired of being stranded and feeling like I'm 100% out of control of more than half my life.  I want to be home this weekend to see my mom (Dianne) and my sister (Jennifer), my brothers (Bradley & Mitchell), my niece (Audrey) and whole bunch more of my family and friends from back home.

Until then I will have to stick it out...turns out I cannot go home until February 26th because it's my friend Sam's Baby Shower!!! Another one bites the dust!

This week hasn't been so bad, classes went quick and they were pretty good.  I got a test grade and a quiz grade back and I didn't really good!!!

Monday nights Make It or Break It and Greek was amazing of course!!! I watched America's Best Dance Crew Western Regionals and cannot wait for the national official competition to start next Thursday!!!  Until then I am going to go cuddle on my couch and watch a little TV before I work a double shift tomorrow!!!

Peace Out, Spread the LOVE!!!!  J'adore tout le monde ♥


  1. Aw, we miss you and want to see you too... Audrey is waiting to give you big smiles. Are you happy with the groups picked to compete on ABDC? We shall see if the best one actually wins...

  2. i like most of the groups..except for that Heavy Impact group from the West coast but other than that the groups are amazing..the premier is tonight and yess! i will be watching it, i will text u bout it lata