Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Brilliant ME!

I've just decided to assign a topic of discussion to incorporate my life experiences, thoughts, feelings and comments from starting right now and on each week on Monday we'll say is the beginning of my journal entry week I will post the new subject of my discussion and each day of that week I will jot down something that has either happened in my past, or might happen with my limited psychic ability or what is happening in my life at that current moment.

Such as things like going on at work, ISU life, home life in Naperville and perhaps throughout the world.  For example like today there was the first noted Earthquake in Illinois I can recall way up north in Dekalb area which is where some of my family bizarre?

Oh and also like yesterday when Bloomington-Normal got a freak blizzard for about 24 hours but of course let us college students down by there being NO SNOW DAY!!!!

If any followers have certain topics or questions about my life or want to know my opinion about just holla!

I might do a month long topic or blog genre (couldn't find better word for it).  Maybe I can do like the Julia Child's movie with Amy Adams and cook things I've never done and blog about it??? Okay maybe not as serious but fun things!!!

I'm beginning to LLOOVVEE this whole blogging thing, who knew I had so much to say :)

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  1. Once you start writing, it's funny how a paragraph can turn into writing a page, two pages... believe me... I know, check out my blog if you want.