Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hello, This Is Carilynna (Na'vi ♥)

This is something that just might be better, easier and way cooler than Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other Blog or friendship webpage!

I've never had a diary before and I don't feel like wasting paper, plus it seems my mom is more computer savvy than me so i'm uping the anty!!!! Not trying to be comptetitive though...I think for my first blog though I will write down my whole life's story, or at least what I can remember so that someday in the distant future I won't ever forget it.

This also might be a good way to vent out my true thoughts and feelings, for I have memories and experiences that I love to share with others and talk about because I feel they have defined what is me, "Kayla Keller"!

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