Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organized...To Be or Not To Be?

As some of you well know I am a very organized person...I don't have OCD or ADD or any sort of mental disease that makes me this way it's just who I am.  I find it helps to be so that way i'm not as stressed.  I have a crazy hectic busy life everyday.  My mind is constantly thinking about things one hour, one day or even one week or month in advanced.  I like it that way!

I live by calanders and date books and notes on post-its all around my room of daily and weekly reminders.  My phone is my lifeline, if I didn't have a calender on their or a notepad I would drive myself crazy.  Currently since there are so many avenue's of reminders and notes everyway i've decided to put them in print.

My To-Do List:
  • Pick up Girl Scout Cookies from Kim @ Chili's
  • Go to hair salon to get my hair dyed dark reddish-purple (It looks better that way)
  • Maybe try out hair extensions because I am soooooo sick of my short hair
  • Get my nails fixed
  • Get a much needed message
  • Go get a facial with Bestie Alicia
  • Hit up the mall for some skinny jeans and regular jeans, mine currently are getting worn out
  • Go shopping for Sam's baby shower gift and Mom's birthday gift
  • Save up $$ for 3OH!3 Concert and possible a road trip to Cedar Point with Alicia
  • Have Ashley ship my camera to me
  • Post up my Subleaser signs and get one asap
  • Sign the lease for my new apartment in June
Here is just a few things that I really wanna go do in the near future:
  • Take up Rob's consideration for a road trip to Manhattan!!
  • Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras someday
  • Visit Las Vegas with my girls next year so we can officially celebrate our 21st Birthdays the right way!!
  • Go with my cousins Ashley and Ali to visit Grandpa Keller in Missouri while we can
In the mean time while life is kind of settled and dull I will just have to concentrate on my classes this semester!!

My class schedule is a whole lot better than last semesters; this time I am enrolled in several more law classes than politics;

Politics 138: Quantative Reasoning
Politics 322: Domestic Law
Politics 372: Employment Law
Language 116: French
Physics 102: Astronomy

I am hoping for all A's and B's and so far I think I am accomplishing that, I really need to step up my game.  I will definatly be going to see tudors especially for my 138 class because it is like a statistics class and I believe I have already taken a class like this last year I don't want it to comprise my GPA.  Well it's time I sign off because I have to shower to get ready for work tonight, and then I have to go check my mail and deliver some myself...

Peace and ♥ Carilynna


  1. Ugh... spend and enjoy that money while you still can, spoil yourself while you still can, because someday you will be unable to... oh how I miss that.

  2. oh don't worry sis i plan on spending my money on trips, vacations, parties and fun stuff like concerts, sports games and shows.

    don't worry you're lucky caus you get to spoil Audrey which might be better than spoiling yourself, thats like a double whammy!!