Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I know that it has been an aweful long time since I blogged last but I was extremely busy with a bunch of stuff... first I had midterms to study for which went pretty well, I am at a B average right now and still have plenty of time to get my grades up to A's that is my goal and I WILL DO it!!!

Then of course I had spring break, only for a week.  I didn't go to Panama City with the rest of my school but I am saving up for my senior year spring break next year, I'm thinking Mexico; either Baja or Cabos or somewhere exotic and not directly in Mexico near Mexico city, with all the drug wars etc.  it's not the funnest place to be. 

Now I am currently doing some more studying. Working alot at Chili's trying to save up money for my new rent at my new apartment with my bestie Alicia!!!

I was excited and proud of my cousins Matt and Jon who were in their school play "Annie", I went home last weekend to see them and was glad I did.  When I got home my mom and Aunt Linda were there to pick me up and the three of us along with my baby niece Audrey went to lunch at the mall and went shopping.  Just us girls is a day I drastically needed, my momma bought me an adorable denim jacket by Calvin Klein!!!

Today is the first saturday I am not working and I can't remember if I had called it off for some reason but oh well because I am spring cleaning my apartment...taking out the trash, vaccuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom.  Looks like the things my mom was trying to teach me the last few years I lived with her actually paid off, it sucks being a grown-up but it is also very rewarding knowing that I have been taught well and so thankful for my mom to actually get this stuff glued into my brain.

I am also waiting for my friend Mary to get off work tonight because we are going out on the town....Not sure where yet but we two always have a great time.  I am missing all of my old friends from back home and my family everyday.

I keep getting pictures daily from Ashley and Lexi about Kaiden and Kason, they are becoming adorable little boys.  I cannot wait to get my car to go see them especially Lexi, because she leaves Korea soon :(

Which by the way I get my car back in 10 DAYS!!!!!! I swear the second I get my car back things will be so much easier, I won't have to take a stupid long and expensive train home and I will get to go home anyday and at anytime I want.  I won't have to worry about taking an expensive cab ride to work or bothering my co-workers and if i'm hungry or need to go to Walgreens or whereever (Mall!!) I can go!!!!

I am not going to lie this is possible the worst punishment i've ever had to endure but I will be so grateful to have my baby back, she probable misses me and is sick and tired of not being driven and being parked at my mom's house.

There is not much else I need to catch up except that I am loving ABDC and glad that my two favorite crews; Hype 5-0 and Blueprint Cru are in the Finals!!!!

I missed the first week of Dancing with the Stars, but my mom is recording it and I will have to find sometime to go see them!!!

I will try not to go so long before I blog again, my goal was to write everyday and I got distracted and busy for a bit, but until then!

Peace and ♥

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