Thursday, July 1, 2010

♥ New ♥ Jersey ♥

Hey ya'll...I know i'm really bad at this whole blog thing, maybe I should resort to a monthly post and write everything down all at once...Or not.  I will figure something out, once things settle down and are not so hectic I will get back into it I promise.

(Left: Kurt and I @ Atlantic City, 'Jersey Shore; Boardwalk Mall 6/12/10.  Below Right:  1000 Sweet Kisses From You Is Never Enough.)

Well anyways I know alot of you are pestering me about my new man Kurt.  So here is the 411, the lowdown on my eventful 1st road trip to New Jersey... I was gone from June 10th to June 24th.  I drove all by myself and made it there quick and easy.  I didn't get lost, I DIDN'T break down and I had a blast!!!!

"Through the glass, stone sour I love you so much." ~ Kurt Tony Stewart

I drove through Indiana, Ohio, West Virgina and Pennsylvania to get to New Jersey.  I probable drove on about a dozen highways and drove through 3 tunnels which were underpasses below mountain ranges in Pennsylvania.  I felt like I finally got to see the part of the country that was the most beautiful...well at least in my opinion.  I had to pay only one toll and it was for the Pennsylvania Turnpike and it was $18.00 no lie!  Crazy but only because I was probable on it for about 4 hours.  I really enjoyed getting to see all of the state line signs Welcoming me into the state.  I tried to get pictures of a few but some it was too dark or I wasn't able to stop. 

I arrived in Cinnaminson, New Jersey at around 2:00 pm.  Kurt arrived around 4 a clock or so and our first kiss was perfect and absolute amazing!!!! He wasn't afraid to kiss me and this may sound really stupid but I seriously heard fireworks going off!

"I wanna give you our special Kiss all day long." ~Kayla Ann Keller

Our first night was kind of slow we just talked and drove around getting a tour of Jersey.  Saturday and Sunday we drove out to Atlantic City and spent the whole day on the beach, walking along the Boardwalk, going shopping and visiting all of the casino's down there.  No I didn't gamble and thank god because i'm probable terrible.  We went out to eat at Cr-Applebee's and had a great lunch, and we heard music, danced and saw some very interesting people.

"You are my dream come true I love you." ~ Kurt Tony Stewart

(Above Left: Kurt and I @ Atlantic City Beach 6/12/10.  Below Right: Kurt Giving Me a Heart!)

We are such goofballs I know, which in a romantic way makes us a perfect match.  Which we are!!!  While on the Boardwalk I bought Kurt an Italian silver Cuban chain link necklace for his birthday and he absolutly loves it...In return he picked me a gorgeous pink hydranga flower! He is soooooooooooo sweet xoxoxo.  One of my favorite places on the Boardwalk is the Bally's casino and hotel because they have a country western bar which was totally my style!!!! Yeeeehaaaa...The Vixen Girls at the Wild Wild West bar at Bally's Casino would be a fun place for me to work.  We only roamed around inside for a little bit and saw this little bar area playing music and within 5 minutes everyone was staring at my dancing, what can I say it's a natural habit! Lol

"If You Could Only See" ~ Tonic (Our Song!!!)

Monday we drove out to the King of Prussia mall and roamed around... It was just a little bit past Philadelphia and is a gorgeous mall, nothing special like Mall of America but definatly a nice town.  Tuesday wasn't anything to extravagant we just chilled and watched movies.  My all time favorite present I got from Kurt while in New Jersey was a Lenox Disney Collection statue of Tinkerbelle.  I Love how he just showers with me gifts, my favorite part! Lol.  Wednesday night night we went out to a small bar and had a few drinks and danced to some really crazy old songs from the '70's and '80's...But we still had a blast because we always have fun when we're together.  The last Friday night I was there, we went on an incredible romantic date night...He treated me to Olive Garden and a movie, we saw "Killers" with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher.  That movie was incredible funny and totally a two thumbs up, I highly recommend that movie!!!!

"Your Body Is A Wonderland" ~John Mayer (Our #2 Song!)

(Above Left: Me at Olive Garden drinking some good champagne! Right: Me on the way to Atlantic City!!!))

Then Saturday we helped out one of Kurt's friends with some yard work and hung out with them for the day.  Saturday night I spent burnt like a tomato all over my pack so I plastered on some aloe gel and relaxed the rest of the night.  On Sunday we drove into Central Philadelpia for lunch at a place called Big Bang Bar and Grill.  We had some original Philly Cheesteak sandwiches...I had grilled chicken and cheese and Kurt had the traditional steak and cheese both of which were amazing.  Their fries would the big flat potato fries that we're greasy at all!

Then we headed down to the Cherry Hill mall in Jersey and browsed the shops.  Then Kurt and I went to see the movie, "A-Team".  It's hilarious and has an interesting romantic twist to it!!!!  The last Monday I was there we walked around the middle of downtown Haddonfield which almost reminds me of downtown Naperville exactly.  It has a ton of cute shops and cafe's, old churches and is very beautiful.  I got to go browsing around many little boutiques and found a great Bridal shop, got some new ideas for the future!!!!  Then on Tuesday the 21st Kurt and I just spent the day chillin' seeing as how it was my last day with him.  We went to see the movie "Toy Story 3" so support the kidness in us, and we both laughed throughout the entire movie so much we almost got yelled at.  My favorite scene is the stuff with Barbie and Ken because some of the younger kids didn't understand the jokes and pun's behind the scene's but I did and it was amazing.

(Above Left: Lenox Tinkerbelle Statue from my Kurt! Below Right: Kurt and I on the Boardwalk!!)

Now to get to the sad part of my trip, I left Wednesday and I drove for about 4 hours until my engine died on the middle of the highway in Pennsylvania.  I had to get towed and wait almost half a day to figure out that we were trashing the car and find a ride home.  I ended up taking Greyhound from a small podunk little hick town called Altoona and was on it for about 16 hours.  I finally arrived in Chicago where I felt at home, then I had to take a train to Bloomington-Normal and the moment I stepped into my air condition apartment I immediatly wanted to be back in New Jersey with Kurt.  He is my everything, the love of my life and my soulmate.  I cannot wait for him to be with me for always!!!

Now that my trip is over I have spent this last week missing him and finally I have some excellent news.  Kurt has decided that he cannot wait any longer and is moving to Illinois to be with me.  I will finally get to have a boyfriend close by, who wants to be with me and who enjoys sharing his life and his day with me and who will appreciate me! I cannt wait for all of my friends and family to meet him because he is very important to me and we're in love completely head over heels in love.  Kurt as also told me that he would love to meet all of you so clear your schedules folks!!! Lol.

That is all for my vacation and now it's back to reality where, Chili's, internship and ISU Political Science/Law classes are all that consume my time and energy.  But for my soul and heart, thoughts and dreams Kurt Tony Stewart will forever more occupy them completely.

Peace n Love ♥

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